Professional Estate Services in Denver, Colorado

What We Offer:

  • Photos and text that sells. We promote your estate sale to your community, social media, a substantial private email list, and more. We make sure your valuables are seen, and sold.
  • Responsiveness. We always return phone calls and make it our personal responsibility to answer all your questions, day or night.
  • We are happy to meet with estate agents, and family members to discuss the expectation of the sale.
  • We dig deep. We make sure to discover, organize, and price the items in the home. From attic to basement. Every closet, drawer, and box is evaluated.
  • Sale management. We make sure your sale is manned by the right number of people for the size of the home. Our theft management includes web cameras in potential trouble areas, as well as where higher priced items are stored.
  • We can coordinate pre-home sale services like house cleaning, flooring, and painting.
  • We can refer you to a trusted list of realtors for the sale of the property.
  • No upfront cost to you. We will come and evaluate the home and the situation and give you a detailed estimate of your proceeds, cleaning and removal pricing, and more.
  • Not only do we price your items, we research them to make sure you get the best return. We source local experts in cameras, furniture, antiques, contemporary items, and collectibles. Our team has lived in Denver 40+years. Being well connected has its perks.
  • We organize in a way that is secure, thoughtful, and beautiful.
  • We conduct 2-5 day sales dependent on the size and scope of your estate. We also offer 14-30 local auctions with pickup and shipping options.
  • We are a year round estate sale company. What sets us apart is that we only conduct two sales a month, so we can give your estate the attention it deserves, large or small.

First Things First:
Thank you for considering Halcyon Estate Sale Services. We look forward to hearing from you. First things first: Don’t dispose of anything, even canned goods, household cleaners, and stacks of boxes may have value. Some trash really is treasure.

Give us a ring at: 303-669-3583 to schedule an interview, and estimate.

Make sure loved ones have received the items they desire before our interview. This is an important step, as we will be evaluating your sale based on the items that remain in the sale from our initial evaluation forward.

We also offer Transition Care and Local Online Auctions.